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In the Australian climate you can’t live without air conditioning. Our experts will repair or refill yours quickly and professionally so you can have the icy cold air blowing again in no time.



We understand you need to get places quickly, but if you can’t do it safely it’s not worth doing at all. Stopping power is more important than driving power – we’ll fit you some top quality brake products to ensure your safety on the roads.



Roadworthies are one of the most important elements of owning a car. You can feel assured that our years of combined knowledge allow us to perform high quality inspections for your roadworthy certificate.

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What we can do

Our Services

Air Conditioning

It’s hot out there! Let us help keep you cool with our expert systems and air conditioning refill / repair services.

Auto Electrics

Whether it’s your stereo, headlights or satnav, we’ve got experience with it all & will make sure you’re good to go.

Full Servicing

The whole package. We’ll do the job right and make sure your car is spot on and ready for the road.


Your car needs its clutch to change gear. After time it’ll wear out – if it needs it, we’ll replace it no troubles. 

Log Book Servicing

We’re happy to stamp our name in your log books. Everything is above board and by the book.


It’s alright going, but what about the stopping? Everyone needs brakes on their car – we’ve got you covered.

Mechanical Repairs

Something not sound right? Engine overheating? We can diagnose & solve your problem in no time!

Starter Motors

Car struggling to start? It might be time for a new starter motor; we’ll fit you the right one nice & quick!


Sometimes certain parts of the car aren’t looking their best. We’ve got experience in reconditioning too :)


There will come a time in owning a car when you need a new battery. We have a great stock and great prices. 


Our in-depth roadworthies will ensure your safety on the road. We’re the real deal, not just the paperwork! 


Cars are run by computers these days. Our fantastic software will diagnose any faults you may come across.

Fixed Price Servicing

Our services don’t vary in price depending on the car – it’s a fixed, one-off price for everyone.

EFI Specialists

Most modern cars use an EFI system. Over time these can fault but we will get straight to the bottom of it.

Auto Transmissions

Auto-boxes can be a pain if they go wrong. Our years of auto experience help us get straight to the root of the problem!

Meet the Talents

Meet the Team



Owner & Head Mechanic
Having been a mechanic for more than 25 years, Andrew knows his stuff! Friendly and straightforward, Andrew can diagnose and repair the trickiest of faults but wont leave you puzzled by expensive or complicated invoices. Pulse Autos is Andrew’s business and he prides himself on professionalism, honesty, and the highest quality service.


Dennis has been at Pulse Autos for two years and he absolutely loves what he does! As Andrew’s right hand man, whilst he is already highly skilled, Dennis continually extends his knowledge and is an expert in his field. A permanent fixture in the Pulse Autos workshop, Dennis is well liked by all the customers and the locals who pop by to say hello.
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